Studio Tour

Today I taught myself  the basics of GoPro Studio editing software and invited any interested children to join me. Both my girls are YouTube super fans. 

I'm reminded of the summer of 1981 when I spent nearly every day in August in my basement watching the newly launched, MTV. I was almost exactly Layla's age.

It was formative. 

I turned out ok. Pretty much. 

I am realizing quickly I need to up my video game in order to capture hearts and minds of the YouTube generation. I can see where this could become an endless pursuit of customs, norms and digital skill that I'm not sure I want to pursue. I'm glad I did it instead of letting my anxiety about getting it right keep me from growing and learning. I learned a lot. 


Things I learned today:

1. The basics of how to edit on Go Pro Studio
2. My kids can get their own breakfast even if I'm not nagging them. 
3. Keeping focused, keeps me from nagging.
4. Sabrina can be trusted with my paints.
5. It is impossible to edit video and paint at the same time. 

These are works in progress by Sabrina and me. I didn't get to finish this or listen to Marc Maron. It was a really good day though.