Let's Get Creative

As my newly activated friends and I continue our journey, one theme consistently emerges, "How do we get to a marathon pace?"  Like many others, I've wondered if my engagement is sustainable or a simply a part of a reactive mind trying to heal a broken heart. I've even considered if I might, at one point, "get it over it." as many have suggested I do.

Well I'm not over it and I can say after much rest and perspective, I won't get over it. I don't need to rehash the shock and horror I felt or shed one more tear. I can organize, get out the vote, learn more, engage more and get creative. It helps and it helps me to see others do it too! 

So here are 3 things to stir your creative juices and hopefully inspire you to use what talent you have to express yourself. This isn't a sprint, so it helps to do what you love while making a difference.

New Postcards
This time I included a detail of my own painting, "Miss Get Over It 2017" inspired by...well...I bet you can guess...you know that... (Unintelligible.)

As always they are free to download and donations are gladly accepted. The downloadable .pdf works with 4 Tall Postcard stock or Avery product numbers 3263, 33380, 3377, 3380, 3381, 5689, 8383, 8387, 8577.


Episode 2 District One Media Report (Now with a podcast home and bad-ass logo)
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New Column
A brand new voice at Broke Ass Stuart. Meri Mohr is one of many new friends I can thank the President  for. I am so happy she is sharing her story here.

I am working on some tips to get you and your community organized and engaged. Kindergarten rules still apply: sharing is good and I'm happy to let you know what we've learned. Stay tuned!